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    Now more than ever, it’s important to take the time and discover your local area. Rather than feeling trapped or locked down in your town or village, it’s time to get out and enjoy all the wonderful Wirral walks that can be found right on your doorstep. 

    The Great Outdoors

    A truly unique UK landscape, the Wirral has the best of all worlds to offer keen hikers and those just starting out.  From sweeping coastal walks traversing cliff tops and beaches to woodland adventures that take you right back to nature, the Wirral has it all. 

    One of the most popular Wirral walks can be found as you step out of the doors of Hillbark Hotel & Spa, known affectionately as the Hillbark Hike.

    This 8-mile family-friendly walk is suitable for able-bodied walkers aged 7 upwards. The Hillbark Hike showcases every aspect of the varied Wirral landscape.

    The Hillbark Hike Route 

    Starting in the stunning grounds of Hillbark Hotel & Spa, before setting off walks can book in for a hearty breakfast and hot drink. The walk then begins from the grounds of the historic Hillbark Hotel and takes the main path through the tranquil beauty of Royden Park. 

    Thor’s Stone

    Wirral walkers can pause at the top of Thor’s Stone on Thurstaston Common, to take in the breathtaking view across the Dee Estuary to North Wales.  This landmark is steeped in Victorian and Viking legend, said to be the place of ritual and worship in Viking times, but more likely to be the remnants of an old quarry.

    Following the path further will take walkers past The Cottage Loaf Pub and the church of St Bartholomew and then into the Heswall Dungeon where you’ll pass a picturesque stream and waterfall.

    Next, it’s onto the Wirral Way which follows the tracks of an old railway decommissioned in the 1960s. The Wirral way, one of the nicest Wirral walks, is a path that follows this old track for 12.2 miles from West Kirby to Hooton.

    From Wirral to Wales

    The path continues across the clifftops overlooking Thurstaston beach and the salt marshes and mudflats of the Dee Estuary, one of the most highly protected conservation sites in the UK and a haven for rare birds and wildlife.  Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!  

    Leaving the cliffs behind, you walk through picturesque Caldy village, mostly built with locally quarried red sandstone.  Then this Wirral walk carries on through more woodland to the top of Caldy Hill. 

    Stop here and just enjoy the sheer beauty of the panoramic view across the Dee Estuary and Irish sea, stretching for many miles as far as Llandudno and the Great Orme on a clear day. Then it’s back to Hillbark Hotel for a well-deserved rest.

    BBC Northwest Put Wirral Walks on the Map 

    Spreading the word of the Hillbark Hike, BBC Northwest took some time to join our General Manager Amanda Arends, on the trail filming along the way the wonderful views and interesting historic points.

    As far as Wirral walks go, the Hillbark Hike is one that can be enjoyed by all,  from keen walkers to families and couples.  Taking no more than three hours and covering all types of terrain, the Hillbark Hike has something for everyone to enjoy. 

    So what are you waiting for? Make the most of local lockdown this year and rediscover the great outdoors that are right on your doorstep, or better still the doorstep of Hillbark Hotel & Spa.

    Call to book your stay with us on 0151 625 2400 as we open for bookings after 1st November and bring the whole family along for an adventure on one of the best Wirral walks starting out at Hillbark Hotel & Spa,