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      One of the Wirral's hidden gems for inclusive meat & vegetable grilled dining.

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    Dining and Lounging

    A truly unforgettable dining experience at Hillbark Hotel & Spa

    As a refreshing alternative to the global food model, with food travelling long distances before it reaches us, we are wholly committed to providing the highest quality, locally sourced food. We believe in fostering a local food network involving close relationships with the most ethical suppliers in our area, who are as passionate as we are about animal welfare, and who ensure we have ‘passports’ and complete provenance for all our meat and poultry.

    The quality of our poultry is second to none.  We serve the finest corn-fed Goosnargh duck and chicken.  Flavoursome, organically-reared, melt-in-the-mouth beef, pork and lamb come direct from our local farm suppliers, and our fish is from the best fresh seafood and fishmongers in the North West.

    All of our meat is skilfully butchered in-house by our classically trained chefs, and we have a zero-tolerance policy on waste – even the bones are used to create delicious stocks. The only meat on our menu which is not local is cured ham. Iberico Blackfoot pigs, fed on an exclusive diet of acorns, produce the finest cured ham in the world. We serve Pata Negra which is the best of the best. Once tasted, never forgotten, Pata Negra delivers an intense, aromatic and highly nuanced flavour with the faintest hint of saltiness.

    Our eco-conscious approach to our food helps sustain the local farming community, with the added benefit of ensuring we have the finest, freshest fruit and vegetables. We know that local food tastes better than food that has been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away.


    French Mediterranean, Ligurian and Niçoise cuisine served in our wine cellar restaurant. With the culinary influences of the Côte d’Azur, our main goal is for simple, flavour-packed food, all served in a relaxed environment for our guests. Riviera as a concept is all about informal, shared dining so each diner can choose a combination of small plates, large plates and desserts. The plates are brought to the table as and when they are ready, and your party is encouraged to share each dish.


    Hillbark Hotel & Spa brings you a sharing dining experience, just as you would enjoy in your own home. Sit down surrounded by your household, family and loved ones to share quality local food and great conversation all within our luxurious family run hotel.

    This sensational dining experience allows households to enjoy each others’ company as well as the mouthwatering joints and side dishes expertly prepared by our talented kitchen staff.


    Experience Wirral through your tastebuds. With all produce sourced from local suppliers and prepared by in-house butchers.


    Join us and indulge in our delicious, traditional afternoon tea treats including sandwiches filled with an explosion of flavours and elegant hand-made pastries. Our light, fluffy, served warm scones are perfect for warming up cold hands and are served with homemade jam and rich clotted cream.

    Each of our Afternoon Teas are served with a choice of the finest teas from around the world, rich coffee or a superbly created shot.

    £35 per person | Upgrade to Champagne £47 per person |£15 per child